Rupal Patel and Swati Shah at loggerheads?

While the makers shoot specially to avoid a confrontation, the actors rubbish the claims...

Star Plus' Saath Nibhana Saathiya has been suffering from a continuous dipping TRP for a few weeks now. The reason for which might be indirectly related to the atmosphere on the sets. The latest we hear is that Rupal Patel, popularly known as Kokila Modi, and Swati Shah (Hetal) are in the midst of a cold war.

It seems that the chemistry between their on-screen characters is overshadowing them in real life. If sources are to be believed, then both of them are not on talking terms and due to these issues, they have very few scenes together. They shoot separately for their track which is later combined. The production crew grows tense when there are scenes with both of them."

When contacted Rupal Patel, she says, "That's great that other people are noticing this that we both are very much into our characters. Actually, we both are so involved with our characters that it makes a few people assume the above. So I am happy that both of us are getting noticed. But on a serious note, there's nothing between us."

Swati Shah too rubbished the buzz, "We are on good terms. Nothing like this has taken place."

Sources also suggest that since both of them have demanded and accordingly got a raise on their per day package, other actors too have got their per day package increased.

We guess this is what chemistry between actors is all about!

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